Reasons Why You Should Treat a Dental Emergency Quickly

Reasons Why You Should Treat a Dental Emergency Quickly

Jul 01, 2020

Many people are still on edge about seeking dental care services. The struggle has always been based on traumatic experiences, pain, and dental anxiety. As sedation dentistry finds different ways to make the experience that much better for patients, patients must learn the importance of seeking dental care.

While routine dental checkups are essential for excellent oral health, emergency dental care is equally as important. It is especially true when you are facing a dental emergency. Read on to learn why you require emergency dental care, and quickly.

What Is Emergency Dental Care?

It is a service offered to patients who are experiencing urgent and often severe dental issues. Emergency dental care has helped many people maneuver through some of the toughest times of their lives. When your dental health is at stake because of an underlying dental problem, you have no choice but to consult an emergency dentist.

When Is Emergency Dentistry Necessary?

Most people tend to wait for things to get worse before they can seek help. This applies a lot to dentistry, where patients seem to only care about dental assistance when they have severe and urgent oral problems.

Determining an urgent oral problem, however, is not always easy. A small dental problem can scare you and still not merit as an oral emergency. The following, however, are oral problems that necessitate a quick response from an emergency dentist:

  1. Excessive blood loss – it is uncommon to experience bleeding from your mouth because the mouth is great at handling such matters. Therefore, if you notice too much blood from your mouth, do not hesitate to call your dentist.
  2. Knocked-out tooth – premature tooth loss is never exciting for anyone. However, if the conditions under which the tooth is lost are extreme, it makes the loss that much more devastating. Be keen to reach to your dentist when you lose your teeth because of an infection or even a traumatic injury.
  3. Significant swelling – any inflammation that stretches out to other parts of your body like your face, neck, and shoulders, should overwhelm you.
  4. Broken jawline – this is often from a traumatic injury. A broken jawbone puts your entire oral health at risk, compromising the stability of your teeth and the health of your gums.

Why Do You Need Emergency Dental Assistance Quickly?

Many patients still find reasons to overlook and downplay the symptoms they are experiencing. While this may be proof to yourself that you have a high pain threshold, it stands to sabotage your oral health. Instead, consider getting emergency dental care, as these services exist for a reason. Some of the reasons you need to be quick about pursuing your emergency dentist include:

  1. To prevent progressions – the worst thing about oral problems is that they are bound to progress. This is especially true if your pre-existing dental problem is an infection. The more time you downplay the issue, the quicker it progresses to other parts of your mouth. This will only result in more damage in your mouth, which could be prevented by seeking treatment.
  2. To save a tooth – knocked out teeth are still salvageable if you get medical assistance early. When you notice that your tooth has fallen off prematurely, you have a couple of hours before you lose the tooth for good. Instead of going through the long and expensive process of finding a tooth replacement solution, reach out to an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. Your natural tooth could still be viable to be restored on its socket.
  3. To alleviate pain – there is no need for you to keep taking over-the-counter drugs to alleviate your pain. For as long as the underlying problem has not been addressed, the pain relief will only last a few hours. Instead of filling up your system with unnecessary medication to avoid pain, talk to your dentist to treat the underlying problem.
  4. To protect healthy tissues in your mouth – just because you are having a dental emergency does not mean that all your mouth is problematic. With emergency dentistry, a dental expert can get to the root cause of the problem, protecting the rest of the healthy tissues in your mouth.
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