Sedation Dentistry Myths Busted: Separating Fact from Fiction

Sedation Dentistry Myths Busted: Separating Fact from Fiction

Mar 01, 2024

Sedation dentistry has emerged as a crucial facilitator for comfortable dental visits, especially for those who experience discomfort or anxiety during treatments. Despite its growing acceptance, various myths and misunderstandings persist about sedation dentistry. This piece aims to dispel these myths, providing clear insights for individuals contemplating this method for their dental care.

1. Sedation Dentistry is exclusively for Major Procedures

This form of dentistry is applicable across a spectrum of dental services, from basic cleanings to intricate procedures. It is particularly advantageous for people with phobias related to dental visits, those requiring significant dental interventions, or those who find it challenging to remain still for extended durations.

2. Sedation Dentistry is Only for Individuals with Severe Dental Anxiety

Sedation dentistry is not exclusive to those with severe anxiety; it can benefit anyone who experiences discomfort or unease during dental procedures. Individuals with dental anxiety, a sensitive gag reflex, or difficulty getting numb may find sedation particularly helpful. It is a flexible option that can be tailored to individual needs, promoting a more positive and stress-free dental experience.

3. Sedation Dentistry Puts You Completely to Sleep

Most forms of sedation dentistry induce a state of relaxation and drowsiness, but they do not typically put patients into a deep sleep. Conscious sedation allows patients to respond to verbal cues and communicate with the dentist during the procedure. Only in specific cases, such as general anesthesia, would a patient be fully asleep, and this is typically reserved for more invasive surgeries.

4. Sedation Dentistry is Unsafe

Sedation dentistry is a safe and regulated practice when administered by a trained and qualified dentist in Longmont. Dental professionals offering sedation are equipped with comprehensive training, focusing on the safe application of sedatives and continuous patient supervision during treatments. The type and level of sedation are carefully selected based on the patient’s health, the complexity of the procedure, and individual needs.

5. Only Dentists Administer Sedation

In many cases, dentists work alongside trained and certified sedation professionals, such as dental anesthesiologists or nurse anesthetists, who handle the administration and monitoring of sedation. This collaborative approach allows the dentist near you to focus on the dental procedure while ensuring the patient’s safety and comfort under sedation.

6. Sedation Dentistry is Only for Adults

Sedation dentistry is applicable to both children and adults. Pediatric dentists may use sedation to ensure a positive experience for children with dental anxiety or those requiring extensive dental work. The type and level of sedation are carefully selected based on the child’s age, health, and the nature of the dental procedure. Get in touch with an emergency dentist near you for quick response in case of dental emergencies.

7. Sedation Dentistry Is Expensive

The cost of sedation dentistry can vary, but it is often more affordable than people assume. The total expense of sedation dentistry varies, influenced by the sedation method, duration of the treatment, and the practice’s location. Dental insurance might offset some of the costs associated with sedation if it’s considered essential for medical reasons.


Sedation dentistry in Longmont is a valuable option for individuals seeking a more relaxed and comfortable dental experience. Clarifying prevalent misunderstandings about sedation dentistry is vital to encourage potential candidates to explore its benefits. Whether for routine cleanings or more extensive procedures, sedation dentistry, when administered by a qualified dentist office near you, ensures that patients can receive the optimal dental care they need without unnecessary discomfort or anxiety. If you have concerns or doubts about sedation dentistry, Visit Mertz Family Dentistry today to explore the options available and find the most suitable approach for your needs.

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