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Not everyone is happy with their smile. Natural teeth tend to be discolored, chipped, cracked, uneven, or have other cosmetic defects. While your smile might still be healthy, it could make you unhappy.

If you want to change your smile’s appearance, we at Mertz Family Dentistry have a solution: the application of Lumineers or veneers near you done at our office in Longmont, CO.

What are Veneers Near You?

Veneers, sometimes called porcelain or dental veneers, are a form of cosmetic dentistry that involves making shells to wear over your natural teeth. These shells fit over the enamel and change the appearance and color of your smile to something you find more desirable.

During this procedure, your dentist will remove a small amount of dental enamel to create room for the shells. We then create a mold of your smile and shape it into the form you desire. This mold is sent to a dental lab, which creates your veneers in Longmont, CO.

After two weeks, you return to our office for a cleaning and the application of the veneers. The shells are bonded to your teeth using a simple resin, and you can then use your new smile! Nobody will be able to tell that you have on dental veneers.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are an ultra-thin porcelain veneer that is placed over each individual tooth to provide a “clean slate” for your smile. The translucent material of a Lumineers veneer is identical to healthy tooth enamel and is certified to last up to 20 years.

In contrast to traditional veneers, Lumineers are much thinner and can provide a more natural result. They also do not require the teeth to be sanded down before application. This means that if in the future you change your mind about wearing veneers, the Lumineers can be removed and you can go back to daily life with your original smile.

How Long Do They Last?

Dental veneers typically last up to 20 years, depending on how well you care for them. It is important to brush your teeth on a regular basis and avoid behaviors like biting down on ice cubes or nuts. Chewing hard objects can displace the veneers and break the resin holding them in place. Once your veneers are reaching the end of their lifespan, we can make you a new pair.

How to Schedule Care

At Mertz Family Dentistry, we want to be as accommodating as possible to help you get your new smile. To schedule a consultation for lumineers or dental veneers near you, simply call our office and choose an appointment time that works for you.

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