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Why are Root Canals Necessary?

Root canals are necessary due to the acids that cause tooth decay burrowing through the enamel and dentin into the center or pulp of the tooth. However, they are sometimes necessary if the decay is too far into the tooth and near the nerves or root.

Saving Your Tooth

A root canal is also necessary because it saves a tooth. Extracting a tooth has many dental consequences, like allowing the healthy teeth around it to tilt toward the open space. Since all teeth support each other in the mouth, missing supports weaken the entire structure. Your teeth could loosen, tilt, and eventually require extraction.

Doing a root canal also salvages the function of the tooth, which is to chew food. When it’s decayed, it hurts to chew, so your food isn’t as masticated as well as it should be. Since food particles will be larger, food is harder to digest. However, a root canal restores the function of the tooth so that you can return to chewing normally.

Even if it seems like a root canal by our dentists at Mertz Family Dentistry in Longmont, CO seems like a scary procedure, it will save your tooth, appearance, and ability to eat the foods you love.

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