The Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

The Benefits of Dental Sealants for Your Child

May 08, 2020

You want to do the best for your child, and that means paying attention to their oral health and wellness. You can teach them how to brush and floss, but there is no guarantee they will follow through. One of the best things you can do to help your children maintain a healthy smile is to have dental sealants applied.

What Are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants are thin layers of plastic placed over the enamel of the back molars. They are applied as a liquid and allowed to harden into a solid over several minutes. For the best effect, the teeth are thoroughly cleaned before application.

The Benefits

The primary benefit of dental sealants is the inability of plaque and bacteria to attack the enamel of the back molars. This means your child is less likely to develop issues like dental caries and cavities and can avoid the possibility of losing these important teeth.

Why Avoid Plaque?

Plaque is a thin layer of bacteria left behind on the teeth when you eat and drink. If your child struggles to brush their teeth properly, is still learning good oral hygiene, or simply insists on skipping the process entirely every night, then they allow plaque to attack their teeth.

Over time, plaque eats through the protective layer of dental enamel and can start to attack the soft tissue inside. When these tissues become infected, it’s possible to lose the entire tooth. Infections are also painful and can reduce how well your child eats.

By preventing plaque from ever coming into contact with the molars, sealants help your child avoid these issues.

Long Coverage

Besides protecting the molars from plaque, dental sealants are also well-known for their long lifespan. The plastic used during the treatment is non-toxic and designed to gradually wear away. However, this process takes a long time.

When your child properly cares for their sealants, the layers of protection can survive for a significant ten years. To benefit from this long coverage, the main step is to avoid brushing too hard. This can be done by using a soft-bristled brush.

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